PhD Student Nicki Karimipour Shares Her Experience From the FSView to the U of F

For this JOU3109c assignment, we had to create a personal profile for Nicki Karimipour after watching an interview between her and Julie Dodd. This assignment showed us how to and how not to act professionally during an interview.


Although becoming an editor of the FSView, the Florida State University newspaper, was not one of her initial goals, Nicki Karimipour had gained many skills and experiences necessary to begin her journey as a journalist.

As a PhD student in the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, Karimipour shared her experience and advice in an interview with Julie Dodd.

While describing her time as editor of the publication, she had called it one of the highlights of her college experience. “I had a friend who was a writer for the newspaper and she recommended that I join the staff,” said Karimipour, “I really enjoyed it and I worked my way to eventually becoming the editor.”

Some of the obstacles Karimpour faced as the editor were collaborating with other editors and adjusting her schedule for both school and the newspaper. “When you’re in college you have to balance a lot of different activities, so finding the time to do the interviews and write my stories was definitely something I had to get used to,” said Karimipour.

But overcoming those obstacles came with great rewards. At the annual FSU Peace Jam, Karimpour had the opportunity to interview their speaker and Nobel Peace Prize winner in Farsi, the language of Iran.  “I was kind of the perfect person to interview her. It was definitely a highlight, [and she is] probably one of the most famous people I have interviewed in my career.”

For success in journalism, Karimipour advises that, “Nothing teaches you more than being on the job, whether that it’s an internship or a paid job… [it is not only] good for your résumé but for developing you as a person and as a professional.” She also stated that developing good research and writing skills are also important.

In addition to being a current student at the University of Florida, Karimipour also teaches many courses and manages a digital publication that promotes health and wellness that focuses on college-aged individuals.


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